Managed Security

Cloud security when you need it the most

ClearCloud believes that security is an ongoing issue for many businesses, spanning people, process, and technology.

“93% of businesses that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year”

British Chambers or Commerce

You Need a Plan!

Many businesses are operating without a security run-book, which means that when a breach happens nobody knows the correct response. ClearCloud works with you to build a security run-book, which tackles how to stay online, who to notify, and which actions both you and us will take in the event of varying levels of security breach.

Don’t leave your business continuity to chance, ClearCloud delivers solutions to ensure you stay in operational during and after a cyber-attack.


“53 percent of organisations report a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills”

ClearCloud provides these skills on-demand for organisations looking to increase their cyber security posture. You don’t need to hire a cybersecurity team or build a SOC, and our experts have worked across the most highly-targeted industries.

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ClearCloud builds defence in depth and highly resilient environments to ensure business continuity during and after a breach. Imagine if you had a breach – do you know what to keep on, turn off, who to inform, what to shield and where to investigate first?

We help you define your security plan.

Together we will build a security run book to help you answer all of the questions you have about when you will be attacked, as well as a chain of command for who to identify and at what severity.


ClearCloud’s solutions are all built to a gold-standard of compliance and security, leveraging our experience in highly regulated industries for some of the most mission-critical systems put in the cloud.

ClearCloud works with a range of technology providers to implement:

  • Threat Monitoring & Management
  • Log Management (for security & GDPR)
  • Application Shielding
  • WAF & DDoS protection


Serious about cyber-security? You need to ensure you’ve got the right people, processes, and technology in place to answer:

  • Can my businesses identify a threat before it happens?
  • How quickly can we respond to a breach?
  • If my systems are compromised, can my team fix it?
  • Can I ensure we stay online during a breach?
  • Can I do all of the above 24x7x365?

If the answer's no, let's talk managed security...

  • architecture reviews & audits.
  • a suite of security tools.
  • proactive incident response, 24x7x365.
  • security experts, always available.
  • "Before ClearCloud architected our AWS environment, we were being attacked constantly casuing massive headaches for my businesses. Since they built the AWS platform according to their best practices and have put tools and monitoring in place, we haven't been impacted"

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