Seamlessly connect multiple clouds

Cloud isn’t “one size fits all”. Why should your solution be?

Multi Cloud is taking the best services from a range of cloud providers and bringing them all together into one solution. ClearCloud work with you to identify the best products within each cloud provider so that you have the power to chose what’s right for your businesses.


The Power Of Choice

Multi-cloud strategies allow you to “Pick and Mix” the best of cloud services from various providers.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

By utlising multiple clouds, you achieve freedom and flexibility by making sure you aren’t tied in to one provider.

Our platforms covered

Google Cloud

Harness the Power of Choice

By using a multi-cloud provider like ClearCloud, companies say goodbye to having to manage multiple vendors and multiple support plans. ClearCloud enable you to chose which cloud you want to operate on, or which services you want to pick within those cloud providers, meaning you only have to deal with one company to for design& build, support, and billing for your cloud solution.

Using ClearCloud makes managing multiple clouds simple.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

When choosing a cloud provider it’s crucial to avoid vendor lock-in. If you go “all-in” on one cloud vendor, are you confident that you can migrate them away in the future?

ClearCloud help you asses where to put your infrastructure, and assist in your re-architecture to enable endless portability.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

We enable you to run either small parts or your entire infrastructure on multiple clouds.

  • "ClearCloud helped us identify the right Cloud platforms for our legacy VMware platform, making the best of services across multiple different vendors. This has given us the flexibility to use services that we never thought we would be able to and is architected in way that is seamless"

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