Hybrid Cloud

Connect your on premise and single-tenant environments to highly scalable multi-tenant cloud architecture.

Connecting multiple environments

Are you looking at connecting your on-premise or data centre hosted servers into highly-scalable cloud architecture?

ClearCloud connects your existing Hyper-V or VMWare estates into AWS Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms with ease.

Mass migrate to the cloud

ClearCloud  performs mass migration of your single-tenant cloud environments into AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, helping you escape the datacenter and move to a more flexible commercial model.

Learn more about Cloud Migration.

Transform in the cloud

ClearCloud help identify what needs to stay, move, or be transformed in order to get the benefits of the cloud.

Lift and shift is easy but not always the best option. ClearCloud seeks to transform your virtual machiens into cloud-native services.

Mass Migration vs Re-architecting or Cloud Transformation 

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Mass Migration vs Cloud Transformation

Mass Migration (Lift & Shift)

Mass migration involves taking the servers that you have today and doing a straight cloud deployment. A mass migration is often called “lift and shift” and is a lot easier and quicker to get to the cloud.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation involves refactoring your application environments to make the best of cloud-native technologies (serverless, containers, devops, etc). Whilst the benefits of cloud transformation are clear, sometimes doing a mass migration is a lot easier and quicker to get to the cloud.


When should I consider re-architecting?

If you cloud plan is centred around digital transformation, or really improving the way your company uses technology, you should focus on a cloud transformation.

This will enable you to consume more products in the cloud without incurring expensive and unexpected costs of doing so.

When should I consider a mass migration?

If your cloud plan revolves around escaping the data centre, decommissioning harware, or moving from a capex to an opex commercial model, mass migration to AWS or Azure is going to be the simplest and cheapest way of achieving that.


How hybrid cloud drives real cloud transformation

If you’re not ready to go “all-in” on cloud, but need to start moving servers across, the hybrid cloud model allows you to do that by connecting your on-premise or hosted infrastructure to AWS or Azure.

ClearCloud helps you asses what should be moved, what is ready to move, and what needs to be re-architected before migrating to the cloud.

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  • "We first spoke to ClearCloud because we were exploring migrating our VMware estate straight into AWS. ClearCloud migrated the VMs they could, and helped us identify which applications would not work in the cloud, and helped us operate in a hybrid model whilst re-architecting for us."

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