Managed Cloud

We’re an extension of your team

Managed Cloud is a service for people who want hands-on support with:

  • Migration
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Right-sizing
  • New platform guidance

When it comes to the management of Cloud, there are many specialist platforms, complex DevOps environments and security barriers to contend with not to mention the expertise and experience that your business may not have in-house.

That’s where we come in, ClearClouds team of enterprise public cloud specialists help build, optimise and manage your platform, applying automation best practices to ensure your organisation experiences the full value of your cloud solution.

Here’s just a taster of what we can do;

Take on the undifferentiated heavy-lifting to increase efficiency and availability

Build and operate workloads following best practices and frameworks specifically designed for each platform

Leverage world class expertise to support launches and migrations

Clear Cloud Pod

Building a cloud team involves more people than you think ClearCloud give you all of those people, and more.

  • Business Leader / Platform Owner
  • Software / Web Developers
  • Lead Architect / Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer x 2
  • Security x 2
  • Database Administrator

Breaking down Cloud Costs

ClearCloud know that understanding your cloud bill can be challenging, and often it is hard to report back to the business on where your money is going.

By using ClearCloud’s expert advice, combined with industry leading tooling, we can help you understand your bills in simplified reports, so you can stay focused on the things you do best.

Predicting your Spend

Whether you are planning a cloud deployment, or you’re growing rapidly on a cloud platform, the most common question we get asked is “how much will this cost?”

ClearCloud helps you understand your costs and work out how to control them before deployment, as well as work out how different business factors are going to impact your operating costs.

Optimizing your Environment

The most effective way to reduce cost on the Cloud is to make the most of technology that’s designed to help you do just that. The problem is that there’s so many new products and services out there, it’s difficult to keep up with them and business struggle to pick ‘what’s best’.

ClearCloud takes that stress away by constantly analyzing both your applications and the Cloud product sets, in order to make recommendations about what platforms you should be on. That breeds a culture of efficiency that helps you reduce your operating costs.

Avoiding Cloud Waste

We’ve all heard the stories of developers forgetting to turn test environments off, and or many business, keeping stock of your cloud inventory is time consuming and difficult.

ClearCloud has a range of tools and guidance that we can provide which can analyze your inventory and tell you which resources are being underutilised – allowing you to downsize them or put more resources into things that make a difference.

Experience AWS with the world’s best engineers.

Our engineers are world-class and are within the top percentile of cloud engineers out there. Experience delivering projects on AWS alongside them, imparting knowledge and up-skilling your team along the way.

Enterprise Azure is in our blood.

Our Azure engineers have decades of experience engineering and supporting Windows workloads for large and small businesses. We help you get to Azure with an intense focus on innovation.

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