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So, you’ve heard about the benefits of the cloud and now you’re thinking about transitioning. However, you’re short on capital and consultancy fees seem like a cost you can’t afford.

The trouble is, by removing the support of expertise you risk botching the adoption process and building a system that is by no means future-proof – let alone cost-efficient.

Providers and consultancies help you access cloud as it was intended. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, we’ve broken down the benefits of their services below.

Reduce your operating costs

Cloud is touted as more affordable than on-premise. Why? Because of its subscription-based model. By allowing customers to pay for what they use, cloud offers the freedom to grow without the reliance on expensive hardware or license fees.

However, if you lift and shift your old way of working onto the cloud, the chances of saving money are slim. You’ll still be lumbered with outdated applications, customer data will be scattered across various platforms and building will take twice as long.

What’s more, the cost of bringing external expertise in at the beginning of your adoption process is far lower than having to pay someone to salvage your legacy system later down the line.

Ensure accurate adoption

The adoption process is riddled with pitfalls. Too many businesses sink hours into cloud technology without knowing what it is they want from it. Not to mention why they’re doing it in the first place.

A quality service provider helps decide this with you. Researching into your brand identity, they will pluck out your aims and specify at the outset just how cloud will work towards achieving them.

Stripping you of all unnecessary baggage, your solution architect (for example) will then create a roadmap that follows the best practice of your chosen cloud platform. From there, they will ensure you stick to it at every stage without a single shortcut.

Modernise your applications

But, once you’ve joined the ranks of the off-premise community, why stop there? You should be looking to evolve your applications so that they’re capable of embracing new technology.

With websites, apps and software now easier to build than ever, surely you want to enhance your offering? Of course you do. But, without an expert monitoring the system and any changes, one wrong move could bring the whole functionality of your service down.

This not only impacts user experience but also security. Gaps in your software are open doors for malign individuals to exploit. But, when you apply genuine expertise whilst bringing your whole system online, environments are protected, and your team will be capable of mitigating the impact of a breach.

Where we can help

Without the skills in-house to maintain your solution, cloud will remain a hole in your pocket – hence why you need the skills to hand to monitor the day-to-day. That’s why at ClearCloud, we not only manage your solution but educate you to maintain it yourself.

We won’t sell you a solution we don’t believe in. Nor will we leave you reliant on our expertise.

Interested in our approach? Get in touch with a member of our team by requesting a callback today.

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