What Are The Key Benefits Of Moving Into The Cloud?

Posted by ClearCloud

There’s a lot of jargon thrown around when people discuss cloud technology. The truth is, the cloud does have extensive benefits – but only for users willing to work towards them.

Businesses need to evolve their processes in order to get the most out of the software and decision makers need to know exactly what it is they want to achieve. Once done, the possibilities of cloud are endless!

So, to demonstrate its power, we’ve broken down what we believe to be the key benefits of moving to the cloud.

Flexibility like you’ve never had before

Cloud is subscription-based. It involves significantly less financial commitment than on-premise solutions and you have the option of adding or removing users when required.

On-premise solutions and servers don’t have the same level of versatility. You’re usually required to pay for licenses or invest in substantial equipment necessary for back-up or maintenance purposes.

But the fluidity doesn’t end there. With cloud, your team can work remotely allowing you to reduce workstations accordingly.

This won’t come at a cost to productivity either. Cloud platforms allow for enhanced collaboration, meaning team members are better connected and able to work on projects using devices familiar to them.

A boost to team performance

Provided your team have had the necessary training, they can now share real-time data and remove repetitive elements of manual data entry.

While cloud technology won’t remove all of your admin woes, it will help to enrich the functionality of your applications and allow for better sharing and display of company data.

By utilising a service such as our own, cloud technology will also allow your team to upskill.

Learning elements of DevOps, your employees and contractors will now be able to enhance their own abilities so that they can effectively maintain the software and augment manually within certain parameters.

Peerless security

Before the cloud, there was no real safe way of allowing employees or contractors to work on their own devices.

In fact, bring your own device policies presented such a threat to security that without cloud software, it was best avoided entirely. With cloud software however, all data is stored online along with back-up files.

What’s more, due to its online connection, cloud security enables better support for regulatory compliance and therefore protects customer data more rigorously.

You won’t need to worry about manual security configurations and endless security updates. As a result, you’ll free up your recently trained DevOps team allowing them to focus on purely maintaining the software.

Where we come in

We’re committed to delivering on all of the cloud’s selling points, helping you to adopt it in a way that each benefit is realised.

No longer will your teams be restricted to office-based workstations or unable to share real-time data. With our assistance, your organisation will be able to reach maximum efficiency from day one.

While we understand that it is not possible for everyone to adopt, we firmly believe that the cloud is essential for most forward-thinking businesses.

So, if you’re interested in accessing any of the benefits listed above or would like to learn more about the cloud, get in touch on 0161 533 0286 or email info@clearcloud.co.uk today.

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