Our Commitment To Reducing Business Disruption

Posted by ClearCloud

At ClearCloud, we go above and beyond to minimise business disruption. After all, one of the biggest concerns that companies have before adopting cloud is the threat to productivity that change and uncertain circumstances can cause.

In today’s climate that concern is delaying some organisations from evolving their processes – despite the fact that cloud adoption is one of the easiest ways to enable remote-working facilities and build solutions that are in high demand.

As well as being part of the UKFast Group, we’ve partnered with forward-thinkers Citrix to help deliver on our commitment to restoring business as usual – and offer a solution.

Protect against the unpredictable with Citrix

Citrix delivers business continuity on demand. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from 2020, that’s a godsend. Allowing you to put procedures in place to protect core functions and continue to service clients.

By identifying worst-case scenarios and implementing strategies for each, Citrix provides an achievable contingency plan. The result? Clients remain productive, secure and compliant in the face of uncertain circumstances.

Through partnering with Citrix, we’re able to offer clients realistic remote-working policies that give your employees flexibility in times of crisis. In short, your apps are secure regardless of your team’s location – at no cost to your data.

Access applications from anywhere with UKFast

As an ISO 22301 Business Continuity accredited organisation, UKFast is equipped in handling business disruption. Regularly tested themselves, UKFast has no trouble in taking your team remote while simultaneously ensuring peak hosting capabilities.

Using cloud technology, UKFast provides your employees with access to their desktops -wherever they are. As an added bonus, their service comes with Office 365 so that your communication isn’t impacted either.

While we’ve been part of the UKFast Group since our inception, the introduction of Citrix presents a list of bespoke measures benefiting all parties.

Offer flawless cloud services with ClearCloud

As a trio, we’re collaborating to provide users with the opportunity to minimise the risk of business disruption while also maximising cloud benefits. Where UKFast and Citrix help you prepare your organisation for disruption, we help you drive forward before the dust settles giving you a competitive advantage.

With your core functionality protected, we can help you to progress your organisation at a time when those in your industry are largely cutting back.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a member of the team today to find out more about how our joint services can protect you from a crisis and accelerate your growth, no matter the circumstance.

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