My View? Adopt Cloud Right Or Don’t At All

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Connecting to Azure

To me, bespoke is a buzzword. It undermines the value of Well-Architected solutions and ignores the purpose of best practice guidelines.

It’s something that’s been proven time and again since we launched ClearCloud. What started as a small team, helping UKFast customers migrate to public cloud platforms, soon turned into something much bigger.

We realised that a large number of customers were struggling to find their footing with the new technology. For most, the issue was an unsteady adoption process. So, with Azure and AWS best practice guides in hand, we set about creating the ClearCloud approach to adoption.

From humble beginnings…

I first joined the world of web hosting as an undergraduate in computer networking. After joining UKFast and helping their customers, my interest in exploring public cloud solutions and how to use them grew.

Many decision makers were (naively) perceiving the move to AWS (and other cloud platforms) as a pure cost-saving exercise. More often than not, after leaving UKFast (and on-premise servers) their aim would be to simply lift-and-shift processes onto the cloud and continue with business as usual.

In reality though, moving onto the cloud for the sake of spend alone will almost always cost more. You need an aim outside of business continuity or you’ll be stuck scratching the surface of cloud capabilities. So, to help bridge the gap between aims and realities, we built ClearCloud.

…to friends in high places

Early on in the process, we recognised that partnerships would be central in our growth. In order to keep our team – and customers – at the forefront of cloud innovation, we’ve built strong relationships with leading vendors such as AWS & Microsoft.

Building strong partnerships with our own customers also helps them to see us as an extension of their team – instead of a consultancy for a one-off project. This working relationship is essential for creating a successful cloud environment.

But that’s not all. In my experience, adopting cloud means adopting a DevOps workforce. This transition will bring its fair share of battle scars, which is why we don’t even look at platforms until we’ve gone right back to basics.

Our approach

The ClearCloud approach is all about carefully managing our customer’s cloud journey, while helping to develop their in-house competency. We kick-start the journey by identifying whether or not cloud is even the right move, and if it is, where it can support your business.

Only then would we compare public cloud platforms and decide on what works best. We’re always direct about where software (AWS or otherwise) may not be suited. Often, customers become evangelists of a tool they’ve never used, leading to migrations we believe to be incompatible with their processes.

Once a platform is chosen, we’ll support with the migration and equip you with the tools to maintain it. We act as an extension of a customer’s workforce, developing our customers’ in-house expertise so they become more independent in handling the day-to-day.

In terms of cost, our charges are simply added to AWS spend, making evolution and optimisation feel more organic. If customers want to deploy a new workload or try something new, often there’s no need for a fixed statement of work. Instead, we experiment alongside them in line with AWS best practice.

Using communication tools, such as Slack, means we can still keep customers savvy of any changes or alert them if they’re straying from tried and tested methods.

How we can help you

To put it simply, at ClearCloud, we enable our customers to unleash the potential of cloud themselves. Whatever the preferred system, we remain dedicated to discovering a solution that best helps each and every one of our customers realise their cloud ambition.

So, if you’re in the market for an honest and professional answer to cloud adoption, our team is equipped to evolve your process. Get in touch today!

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