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“Make the most of Google Cloud Platform with a tailored solution for your business”

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) boasts one of the most vast ranges of cloud technology available to businesses today. With innovative compute services, industry-leading data services, and cutting-edge infrastructure, it’s easy to see why GCP has positioned itself to be a market leader.

ClearCloud helps businesses cut through this vast array of products and services, accelerating the value of GCP by working with you to build tailor-made solutions. We examine where you are at today, what you are trying to achieve, and how we can apply a GCP solution to reach your goals.

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Do more than you imagined with GCP

ClearCloud’s engineering base and GCPs product suite match up perfectly to deliver more than you thought imaginable in the cloud. Rather than delivering the “same thing somewhere else”, ClearCloud seeks to understand how we can transform the way businesses IT functions operate in order to deliver outstanding value from cloud native services.

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Cloud formation

Don’t lift and shift. Migrate and accelerate!

Many Google Cloud MSPs seek to just move your infrastructure onto Google Cloud Platform using their infrastructure services (e.g. Google Compute Engine). This can be ideal for businesses who are just seeking to change the way they consume infrastructure, however ClearCloud believes that in order to make a migration project worthwhile, business need to challenge themselves on which cloud native infrastructure to select. This could be in the form of moving to Kubernetes, looking at how to change their applications to make the most of specific data products like BigQuery and BigTable, or transforming their databases into Google Cloud SQL for optimum scalability and management.

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