Managed Billing


Managed Billing from ClearCloud is a free service for companies who want to simplify the cloud billing process, or for those who want to gain more insight into the way their account has been set up, with a view to fixing any issues.

What do you want to do?

Reduce Our Cost

Managed billing provides

  • Billing and spend optimization
  • Simplified invoice billing
  • Spend governance
  • Billing in GBP

Simplify Our Bill

Clearcloud managed billing provides

  • An easy to understand bill
  • Checks against wasted resources
  • Expert advice on where to allocate budget
  • Invoiced billing

Improve Security

ClearCloud Managed Billing gives you

  • Checks and reports against industry compliance standards.
  • Reports on security of your cloud environment
  • £500+ continuous checks against your existing setup

Check Best Practices

ClearCloud Managed Billing Provides:

  • 500+ Best Practice checks against the environment
  • Reporting against compliance standards
  • Easy to understand alerts and reports


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