Experience fully managed support for Amazon Web Services.

ClearCloud’s Managed AWS Support is for customers running business & mission-critical workloads in the cloud, as well as any customers who want to: 

  • Focus on proactive management to increase efficiency and availability 
  • Build & operate workloads following best practices 
  • Leverage AWS expertise to support launches & migration
  • Experience Optimisation

Why fully managed?

Focus on Innovation

ClearCloud maximises your team’s potential through allowing you to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure. We build innovative solutions that enable businesses to deliver real value through their technology.

Integrated, Immediate Support

ClearCloud customers have access to our support engineers 24 x 7 x 365 immediately through Slack, making us an extension of your IT team.

Minimise Risk

ClearCloud builds highly available and secure hosting environments, whilst showing you how to architect your applications for fault tolerance and to make the most of AWS. This allows you to know that your solution is in safe hands and designed to be globally available, 24x7x365.

Lower Your Costs

ClearCloud lowers your TCO. Whether you are new to AWS or have an environment currently running in AWS, ClearCloud will be able to undertake a cost and performance analysis to make sure you are using the best products and services available.

We don’t hide behind ticketing systems.

Managed AWS Support is much more than traditional reactive support.

This level of service allows ClearCloud to provide proactive advice, work alongside your teams to build & deploy environments, with all the common undifferentiated heavy-lifting taken care of such as monitoring, patching and security. 

If you have developers or technical colleagues in your business, we invite them into our customer collaboration space on Slack. 

Included with Fully Managed Support:

Proactive Support and Incident Response

Our engineers continually tailor your solution to improve efficiency and performance. Not just when something goes wrong.

24x7x365 Alerting and Reporting

All solutions are monitored around the clock by our operations team.

Full Infrastructure and Environment Automation

All of our solutions are templated with Cloudformations and Ansible to enable easy platform changes and recovery from failure.

Access to Expert AWS Architects and Engineers

All of our engineers are certified with experience in building and managing complex solutions.

Database Support

Whether is Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Postgres or Oracle, our engineering team has you covered.

Operating System Support

For all Windows and Linux systems we have you covered with configuration, updates and patching.

Application Support*

The age old infrastructure vs application debate? Not with ClearCloud, we’ll help you with both.

*provided as best efforts.

Continual AWS Cost Review

We keep tabs on your AWS usage and constantly try to save you money. If we can find a way to reduce your bill, we will guaranteed.

Missing out on AWS value?

  • Can’t control your AWS cost?
  • Lose time whilst running your environments?
  • Want to focus your team on more innovative things?
  • Haven’t been set up properly?

Talk to a ClearCloud expert now

  • "Before using ClearCloud, we spent 80% of our time managing our various AWS environments for our customers. This was stopping us from improving our software. Now, ClearCloud have given us that time back and we have been able to bring out more products in the last 6 months than we have in the five years before"

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