Staying Secure & Compliant in AWS

Whether you are looking to maintain your existing standards, or meet higher security & compliance standards, ClearCloud can help you build and validate against them.

ClearCloud helps you:

  • Understand what risks change in AWS.
  • Map out your existing security posture.
  • Navigate the shared responsibility model.
  • Manage security and monitor your environment.

Understanding your secure data

When exploring a migration to AWS ClearCloud will map out a clear picture of which data needs to be protected and how best to protect it in AWS.

Leverage your existing compliance

For many, it’s important toto maintain existing compliance standards on the cloud. ClearCloud have extensive expertise in building to all of the compliance standards that are achievable on AWS.

Architect secure environments

ClearCloud only ever build highly secure and fault tolerant environments, giving you confidence that your data is secure and your platform is available.

Implement Cloud-first security practices

We can assess you internal processes and policies in order to give advice and guidance around best-practice security policy to implement into your technical processes.

FREE AWS Compliance Assessment

Whether you’re planning an AWS migration, or are already in AWS, ClearCloud can asses what you have or free and make recommendations.

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AWS have a well documented shared responsibility model.

And whilst they take care of a lot of the phyiscal control “of” the Cloud, many businesses are left with the task of providing security of new aspects “in” the Cloud.

If you are just starting in AWS it can be extremely daunting to take care of all of these things during a complex cloud Migration.

ClearCloud help companies navigate the shared responsibility model by architecting and deploying secure and complaint AWS environment.

ClearCloud build ultra-secure AWS environments.

At ClearCloud, our engineering core comes from highly regulated industries so we build all of our solutions according to the highest level of security possible. 

We deploy workloads which traditionally were thought of as not cloud-friendly, however through our engineering expertise and experience we are able to find ways of doing this in a secure and stable practice.

Stop guessing if you’re compliant.

Stop compliance being an afterthought by using ClearCloud do design highly secure and compliant environments according to your pre-defined standards.

We’ve migrated workloads that have had to meet many different compliance standards into AWS. We know what changes when migrating to the Cloud and can help you navigate the standards you wan to meet.



ClearCloud experts have worked across banking and financial systems and can proactively monitor your solutions 24x7x365, meaning that you don’t have to hire a dedicated security team or build a SOC internally.


ClearCloud build defence in depth and highly resilient environments to ensure business continuity during and after a breach. We develop manage security run-books to determine the correct course of action to take in the event of each security incident.

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ClearCloud partner with industry leading security providers to deliver a managed security service using their world-class products.

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