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Are you spending your time building incredible software only to be plagued by infrastructure issues? If your customers are asking to recommend hosting for your software, our partnership programme allows you to:



Win more with ClearCloud:

Have confidence in your pricing.

By becoming a software partner, ClearCloud looks at how you deploy your application in the cloud, and gives you costs associated with the size of the business. You can accurately answer the “what is the total cost” question with confidence, knowing that they’ll be deploying according to the templates we build with you.

ClearCloud delivers proven templates around users and usage allowing you to model your commercials around the cost of delivery.

Reduce your time to market.

ClearCloud templates out your infrastructure and even help build your DevOps pipelines, meaning you can radically speed up your time to delivery whilst onboarding customers.

Reach more customers.

ClearCloud enables your expansion into new regions by leveraging our expertise to deploy globally using the certified architecture that we help you template. Stop trying to find reliable local partners and work with a team you know and trust.

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Many software vendors experience the challenge of their clients trying to fit custom software into large technology stacks which you do not have the ability to control, support, or manage due to group IT policies. This can be frustrating for Software vendors as they cannot guarantee stability, availability, security, or performance. 

ClearCloud provide a method to deliver your software by recommending us to your clients.We build a pre-templated hosting environment that’s proven to work well with your code, alongside an automation and DevOps model for you to manage and improve it on an ongoing basis.

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