Managed AWS

ClearCloud Managed AWS

AWS is an empowering global cloud platform, but to realise the benefits you need certified engineers to architect, build and manage your cloud solution.

If you are lacking in-house expertise to get the most value out of your investment in AWS, our Managed AWS service can bridge the gap. We apply world class tooling and automation best practices to help you optimise your solution, get the most value out of AWS.

Just like AWS, our pricing structure is flexible and allows you to scale your solution with predictable changes.

Managed AWS allows you to focus more on growing your business — and less on becoming an AWS expert.

How we provide Managed AWS?

“We don’t hide behind ticketing systems”

Managed AWS Support is much more than your traditional ticket based support. If you have developers or technical colleagues in your business, we invite them into our customer collaboration space on Slack.

This level of service allows ClearCloud to provide proactive advice, work alongside your teams to build & deploy environments, with all the common undifferentiated heavy-lifting taken care of such as monitoring, patching and security.

Slack Support

Your own POD team

Clearcloud Pod System

“You have your own POD team”

When you join us, you’ll be assigned a POD team, this team will come to know everything about your business inside and out. Your POD team consists of an Account Director, Solutions Architect and AWS certified engineers.

What does Managed AWS provide?

Our Managed AWS Support is so all encompassing we can’t list everything, but here’s some head features we think you should know about.


Proactive Support & Incident Response

Our engineers continuously tailor your solution to improve efficiency and performance, not just when something goes wrong!

  • Emergency: < 15 min
  • Urgent: < 1 hour
  • Standard: < 4 hours

24/7/365 Monitoring & Alerting

All solutions are monitored by our 24/7/365 Operations team.

Full Infrastructure & Environment Automation

All solutions are templated with CloudFormation and Ansible to ensure easy platform changes and recovery from outages.

Access to Certified AWS Architects & Engineers

All of our architects and engineers are AWS Certified with experience in building and managing complex solutions.

Database Support

Whether it’s MySQL or MSSQL, Oracle or Postgres, we our engineering team has you covered.

Operating Systems

Linux or Windows? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered for all configuration and patching.

Application Support*

The age-old application vs. infrastructure argument? Not with ClearCloud, we’ll help you with both.

*Application Support is provided as best-efforts and is not included within our Managed AWS Support SLA

Monthly AWS Cost Review

We keep tabs on your AWS usage so you don’t have to. If we can find a way to help you pay less to AWS, we will, GUARANTEED!

Pricing from £500 per month. Speak to our Managed AWS specialists on 0161 215 4040

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