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Innovative Solutions for United Kingdom Public Sector

Public Sector Body?

ClearCloud delivers your infrastructure into the cloud.

We know the challenges that face public sector organisations when it comes to making infrastructure decisions. ClearCloud helps organisations answer questions such as:

  • Remodelling the cloud to fit your current purchasing models.
  • Understanding data sovereignty and where data is kept.
  • How to connect your existing services securely.

Selling to the Public Sector?

ClearCloud works with technology & software providers looking to deliver their services into Public Sector Organisations.

We know that often your solutions are built for the cloud, but the bodies you are delivering it to may be hesitant. ClearCloud have a public sector compliance team that can help you refactor your application environments  in order to meet the complex requirements of government.

Why spend time and risk doing it yourself when you can use experts who have done it countless times?



ClearCloud is compliant within public sector guidelines and have experience deploying cloud solutions for public sector bodies.


Build safe and secure infrastructure environments with our experts in cyber security and data governance.


Avoid the headache of trying to connect AWS and Azure into the main public sector networks by using ClearCloud as a connectivity provider between them, your organisation, and major cloud providers.

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A Partner for the Public Sector

It’s critical to choose the right partner when delivering services to the public sector. Many consultancies are quick to take on the challenge without first fully understanding the public sector organisations.

ClearCloud can provide specialist understanding of the public sector and understand both the processing and technical challenges of delivering secure, complaint, and budget-friendly services to public sector bodies.

Connectivity into Multiple Clouds

ClearCloud can to provide direct and secure connectivity between multiple clouds with multiple vendors, meaning that for organisations who need to join together existing estates with new cloud platforms, ClearCloud can ensure this is done safely and securely.

Backed by the highest compliance standards

ClearCloud are certified to deliver Cloud solutions to the public sector and are a Crown Commercial Service Provider.

When staying compliant in Azure or AWS is number 1 priority, ClearCloud’s experience in taking on the challenges before helps us deliver ultra-compliant cloud solutions.

Our platforms covered

Google Cloud

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