ClearCloud enable businesses to deploy software on AWS, Azure and GCP.

SaaS Hosting

You build great software and deliver it as a service, but it could be better. To make the most of AWS, Azure and GCP you need to:

  • Template & Automate Infrastructure
  • Reduce your Operating Costs
  • Release new products and services, using the best of the cloud technology available to you.


Software Transformation

Want to keep focusing on building great software, but want to realise the benefits of cloud? ClearCloud helps by:

  • Understanding what to change before migration
  • Reducing software delivery time
  • Integrating DevOps


ClearCloud enables software providers who want to work with enterprise companies  to deliver a fault tolerant and quality assured software platforms.

We can provide a white-labeled manage service for the hosting platform, meaning that questions enterprise has around compliance, data security, uptime, and enterprise hosting support are answered covered by ClearCloud.

ClearCloud go far beyond your usual cloud managed service providers. We understand your software and how you deliver it and build a reliable software delivery hosting platform around it.

We build CI/CD pipelines, use automation of infrastructure to deploy in minutes, introduce a DevOps methodology into your businesses and make the most of Cloud Native technologies, from code deployment to infrastructure.

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De-Couple your Application

ClearCloud helps you understand which elements of your application need to be decoupled in order to achieve a Cloud-Native delivery. We understand how you currently deploy and look at the code in order to understand what will not work when you migrate it to the cloud to try and achieve high availability, security, durability, and speed.


Introduce DevOps

ClearCloud specailises in making sure businesses use the best of AWS & Azure technologies available to them. That’s why we introduce DevOps methodology into every migration to AWS or Azure. We help you understand what needs to change from a process perspective in order to continually develop and integrate software changes whilst building & managing your DevOps pipelines.

Deploy Globally

For many software vendors, gaining more customers often means casting your net farther afield. ClearCloud helps customers template their software & infrastructure into a package that allows them to deploy globally at lightning speed, meaning they can accurately predict the cost and delivery times when reaching these new markets.

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    It’s impossible to build and deploy cloud environments without quality infrastructure. If little thought has been paid to the foundations of your development, each module you add threatens the integrity of the entire solution. So, to prevent this from being the case, AWS created their Well-Architected Framework to educate users and highlight what best practice looks like. According to AWS, provided cloud architects follow the framework, the...

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