Your business needs partners who understand financial services.

ClearCloud helps navigate the highly regulated hosting space, and are one of the few partners who have the experience and expertise to deliver that with confidence.

ClearCloud delivers highly secure and fault tolerant systems that meet the highest compliance standards.

Companies trust ClearCloud to provide these platforms which are used for lending, stock market and foreign exchange trading, and high street banking.


“We can’t put this in the Cloud because…”

ClearCloud challenge that perception by navigating your highly regulated world using our financial services specific expertise. Whatever you think can’t be deployed in AWS or Azure, we want to hear why and help you build the business case to migrate it.

We know you can, because we’ve done it for some of the largest household names who have gone “all-in” on Cloud, deploying some of the most regulated and complex workloads imaginable.



Ask a financial services expert.

Whatever your challenge, ClearCloud are on-hand to discuss how to best plan, deploy, and operate a cloud platform. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.

High Street and Investment Banking

If you plan on moving mission-critical, complex, and latency sensitive application stacks to the Cloud, ClearCloud can help you plan and deliver a migration strategy. ClearCloud helps you navigate the complex world of compliance within banks and help you realise the benefits of hyperscale infrastructure, whilst ensuring up-time and stability across all of your banking applications. 

If you’re a Fintech or startup struggling to find expertise:

ClearCloud makes their decades of financial services experience available to you, helping you manage your growth whilst de-risking your cloud operations. Need to deliver new products and services but not sure on how best to use AWS or Azure?  ClearCloud looks after what you have today, and provide innovation on where you want to go. 

Finding experts is expensive and challenging. Using ClearCloud is neither.

When milliseconds matter, ClearCloud deliver.

Trading platforms needs low latency and resilient hosting to ensure that you can serve millions of transactions with lightning speed. If you’ve suffered downtime and bottlenecks in the past, you know how frustrating and impacting it can be on retaining traders on your platforms.

ClearCloud are the partners that many businesses rely on for systems that “absolutely cannot go down”. We build a platform with you, examining to financial cost of downtime, building a plan a, b, and c around it, to achieve ultimate up-time whilst also looking at how to bring your latency down to a bare minimum.

Sensitive data? Don’t leave it to chance…

When securing sensitive data in the cloud, it’s crucial to work with a partner who understands the complex nature of data security. ClearCloud engineers have been responsible for migrating the most complex and sensitive banking systems to AWS and Azure.

The technology is the easiest part.

When making a decision to migrate to the cloud, selecting the technology is the easiest part. Navigating the difficult world of data security and compliance, as well as the internal processes of deploying and operating cloud environments, is difficult. ClearCloud maps out your internal processes and navigate security concerns to execute a comprehensive cloud deployment.

Accelerate the value of cloud

ClearCloud help deliver Cloud Projects faster. The time to delivery, then from migration to optimisation is greatly reduced when using a partner who understands financial services. We’ve helped financial institutions use technology to gain a competitive advantage against their competitors. 

Data security & Compliance

ClearCloud believe everything can live in the Cloud, and have tailored solutions to help navigate a complex world of compliance in order to make sure you are operating securely within the financial services industry regulations. 

Release the value of your data

ClearCloud help you understand the value of your data using cloud native technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.  

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