ClearCloud: a “go-to” Cloud team for Digital Agencies.

Thought leaders across a variety of technologies, hosting included, with the assurance of an expert cloud provider to answer the tricky questions about data security, high availability, up-time, and support.

ClearCloud specialises in providing Infrastructure for

Autoscaling websites for peak traffic

Meaning that you can assure your clients that what you are building will be able to match their most demanding periods.

Hosting for highly available and mission-critical applications.

When your clients need to be online around the clock, ClearCloud helps deliver fault tolerant and highly available platforms for them to run on.

PCI Compliant and highly secure e-commerce platforms.

By using ClearCloud you are de-risking your clients platforms by knowing an expert has designed the security model.

Large-scale Media Workloads.

For clients who need to mitigate the cost and risk of media projects that are delivered to millions of people.

The challenge for Digital Agencies is providing industry-specific expertise across a range of technologies.

ClearCloud has decades of experience across different verticals, which allows you to develop industry specific value propositions to bring to your future clients.

Leave the infrastructure to us.

ClearCloud know that to go and win the logos you want to, the expectation is to deliver it as a fully managed product. Digital Agencies know that hiring a cloud ops team is costly, and use ClearCloud to provide a white-labeled managed service to their customers.

ClearCloud Provide a dedicated team of Cloud Specialists to interact with you and your clients on a variety of Projects.

ClearCloud have experts who have worked across many industries in various fields of technology, and can help you with the specific needs of your clients. We can interact through you or directly with your clients to bring an advanced level of cloud expertise to the table.

We deliver world class support, your customers are never left in the dark.

ClearCloud Provide a 24x7x365 Managed Service With a 15 minute SLA for urgent issues. This means that your customers are in safe hands, with quality assured hosting platforms, meaning you no longer have to worry about whether the company you are hosting with are going to cost you business. read more about our managed support

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    Our Commitment To Reducing Business Disruption

    At ClearCloud, we go above and beyond to minimise business disruption. After all, one of the biggest concerns that companies have before adopting cloud is the threat to productivity that change and uncertain circumstances can cause. In today’s climate that concern is delaying some organisations from evolving their processes - despite the fact that cloud adoption is one of the easiest ways to enable remote-working facilities and build soluti...

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