Configuration Management

Config Management is an essential part of DevOps and allows you to have better consistency across your infrastructure through automating the configuration of your environment.

What is Config Management?

Configuration Management automates by installing software onto your servers in a repeatable and automated fashion. Before configuration management companies would have to remember how to do the complete install of the server config in a manual and time-consuming process.

The benefits of Config Management

  • Better Audit control
  • Consistency across all instances
  • Repeatability of installation
  • Automation of the environment
  • No chance of human error
  • Saves you time (two hours to do can run in automated way in 10 minutes)
  • No need to remember complex processes.


Planning to Migrate to AWS or Azure?

During migration ClearCloud helps customers transform towards DevOps to ensure they’re making the most of the cloud-native technologies available to them. Alongside other DevOps practices, configuration management is key to ensuring your infrastructure is deployed in a stable and repeatable manner.

Always Supported

Once live, ClearCloud’s fully managed devops ensures that your entire DevOps and automation model is supported and assured 24x7x365.

Already in the Cloud?

But not realising the benefits you were promised? Is your estate getting too large to manage yourself? ClearCloud show you how to use configuration management for an easier time in AWS or Azure.

Our Azure DevOps model:

Our AWS DevOps model:

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