Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Why Should I care about CI/CD?

Many companies are looking to make a transformation towards CI/CD to assist them with the way the deliver applications. They’re probably used to:

  • New releases causing downtime
  • Lack of any proper testing
  • No ability to roll-back changes, and no change audit
  • No accountability for changes.

It’s a familiar story, all of your commands are written down on a notepad with an install guide on a wiki page that hasn’t been updated in years.

Axe the Wiki Page!

Finally! Using CI/CD gives you a change to get rid of old install wiki pages by automating the code release process, your deployment, and eradicating human error in the process.

Improve Lots and Often!

CI/CD lets you release often and quickly, meaning you have the tools to continually improve your code in a safe manner.

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