Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IaC is a key part of DevOps which enables you to define environments as code, allowing for easy replication, better auditing, and fewer errors

Self-documenting Infrastructure

IaC allows for better documenting of infrastructure for auditing and compliance purposes. Instead of having to log into a console and detailing every part of your estate, you can make it available in JSON format.

Lower Margin for Error

With infrastructure as code templates, you can ensure your infrastructure is right the first time around, drastically reducing the margin for error in future deployments. Rather than having to configure a whole environment each time, you can just deploy straight from a template you know works.

Increased Security

IaC not only adds in security elements such as the ability to configure in-depth security groups prior to deployment, IaC also removes the largest security threat: human error.


Because IaC allows you to template your infrastructure on AWS or Azure, you can then take that template and deploy in any cloud region. This helps you reach global customers closer to them, as well as giving you the ability to deploy in a different region in the event of a region-level outage.

Infrastructure as code helps businesses expand:

By defining your infrastructure as code, it enables you to take that template and deploy it in any region. This could be useful if you’ve got clients asking for your solution to be more local to them, or if you need to deliver in a different country for a customer. Our customers are typically only focusing on the UK when they start their journeys with us, however once they realise the benefits that IaC can bring to them, it becomes apparent that targeting other regions isn’t that hard anymore.

Delivering Software? Why you need IaC…

IaC allows software providers and SaaS companies to rapidly reduce their time to delivery. IaC allows you to automate the deployment of your software’s infrastructure meaning that you can add new clients with ease. It helps you configure environments in a variety of sizes and build commercial models to suit.

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