Take the guesswork out of DevOps and let ClearCloud ensure smooth operation.


Fully Managed DevOps is a service by ClearCloud to asses your code, build your pipelines, enable automation & configuration management, develop infrastructure as code templates, and manage the whole process with expert hands-on support.

Planning to move to DevOps?

If DevOps is on the horizon it can often be confusing to evaluate the tools available to you against the skillset that your team currently has. Using ClearCloud’s Fully Managed Devops leverage industry best practice whilst we enable your team to transform to DevOps.

Why Fully Managed DevOps?

Many businesses make the critical mistake of going out and building a jigsaw from the DevOps tools available to them. For many businesses it is the first time they’ve done this and it often ends in things not working correctly.

ClearCloud’s Fully Managed DevOps is born from our engineering team’s countless decades of experience working on different projects, and we’ve selected the best set of tools to get you started on your DevOps journey.

This means Development leaders can:

  • Keep their teams focused on great code, not infrastructure.
  • Make sure their teams are learning relevant practices.
  • Bring out new products & services quicker than ever.
  • Immediately roll back to previous versions.

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Our Azure DevOps Model:

Our AWS DevOps model:

ClearCloud looks after everything from orchestration to infrastructure.

Using managed DevOps you can focus on a continuous release cycle for your application code and not having to worry about delivery. ClearCloud helps businesses build and manage their DevOps pipelines and teaching your team how to use them, avoiding an expensive and timely hiring process.

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