ClearCloud DevOps Services

Fully Managed DevOps

ClearCloud asseses your code and help build your pipeline, automation, infrastructure templates, and manage the whole process with expert hands-on support.

DevOps Transformation

ClearCloud consults on the organisational changes required for businesses to start deploying properly on the cloud, recommending changes in organisational and process structure.

The ClearCloud DevOps Process

Managed DevOps – What’s Included?

ClearCloud take care of everything from Automation to Infrastructure. This allows you to:

  • Ensure you are doing DevOps properly
  • Have immediate access to DevOps experts, 24×7
  • Focus on writing code, not delivering it
  • Have confidence that your applications are globally available


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“The Technology is the Easy Bit”

For many businesses who are starting off on their DevOps transformations, the choice in technology is often the easy one. ClearCloud know that it’s a combination of the people and processes that a businesses currently undergoes that makes the real difference when it comes to any DevOps project.



ClearCloud will look at the skill set you have internally in order to help you evaluate:

  • Can my team carry out this transformation?
  • Do we need to hire for additional skills?
  • Can ClearCloud provide the resources to accelerate the project?


ClearCloud asses:

  • How your application delivery process impacts other teams.
  • What processes need to change, be adapted, or stay the same.
  • What business processes you need to introduce in order to make adopting DevOps successful.


ClearCloud makes DevOps possible

DevOps is more than just a buzzword, but for many companies the shift from traditional development methods seems to require so much disruption that business are left confused as to the options. ClearCloud have centered their approach around a staged methodology to make the process as streamlined as possible, which has helped large and small organisations make the most of leading practices.

“We need people who have done this kind of work before”

It’s the most common challenge we hear from businesses when we first start speaking to them. Taking legacy deployment methods and transforming to DevOps requires a healthy element of disruption, and our customers chose ClearCloud beceause of our experience with largest and most complex business systems. Our engineers have been there and done it, and can help organisations evaluate future challenges before they arise from both a technology and a process perspective.

  • ClearCloud went above and beyond to identify the changes within our business that we needed to make before moving our application stack to AWS.

  • ClearCloud now manage our whole DevOps pipeline so that we can focus on the great software that we build, and just push it to them to release it.

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