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Clear Cloud Integration Limited Cookie Policy

Our website cookie policy below details how and where we use your cookie information.  By accepting our cookie policy on the website when first entering you are accepting the policy detailed out below.

  • Cookies and similar technologies

A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your computer or electronic device when you access our website.  Similar technologies include web beacons, action tags, local shared objects (‘flash cookies”) and single-pixel gifs.  Such technologies can be used to track users’ actions and activities and to store information about them.  We use these cookies and/or similar technologies on this website for the following purposes;

Cookies are used to obtain information about your interactions with the website for a better user experience to allow content to be tailored specifically for you.

  • Information collected

We may obtain information about your computer or any other electronic device which you use to access our website, such as your IP address, your browser and or/internet log information.  We will treat this information as your personal information.

In certain circumstances we may also collect personal information about you but where you voluntarily provide it (e.g. By completing an online form) or where you purchase services directly from us.

  • Consent for cookies

Where we wish to use cookies that require your consent you will be asked in the following manner;

Upon entering the website for the first time you will clearly see a cookie acceptance/opt-out banner at the top of the site page.  Here you can accept or opt-out of the cookie policy. By selecting Opt-out your site experience and some content may be restricted.

  • Third party cookies

We work with third party suppliers who may also set cookies on our website.  These cookies and their third-party owners are in included in the table below.  By consenting to the use of cookies on our site you will be consenting to the use of these cookies.  These cookies may be used to collect the following information:

Your IP and time of visit

That you have visited our website

Specific page visits of the site for re-targeting

Name of cookie – owner & purpose

  1. Google Analytics, PPC & Google Ads – GOOGLE – To track user IP activity on the site
  2. Facebook – FACEBOOK – To track Facebook user activity on the site
  3. Twitter – TWITTER – To track Twitter user activity on the site
  4. Instagram – INSTAGRAM – To track Instagram user activity on the site
  5. HubSpot – HUBSPOT – To track HubSpot user activity on the site including the Chat feature.

For further information on cookies generally please visit or the Information Commissioner’s webpage on cookies