AWS Optimisation

ClearCloud Optimisation


  • Concerned about your growing AWS bill?
  • Not sure whether your AWS solution is following best practice?
  • Worried about the security of your AWS solution?


Ensuring you achieve ROI for your investment in AWS requires regularly analysing your usage and continually assessing your needs to see how new AWS features and services can help meet them as they evolve.

We understand that very few businesses have the in-house resources required to thoroughly assess an AWS account to accurately identify opportunities for optimisation. That’s where our experts can step in.

We’ll apply our experience and best practices to help ensure you receive maximum value from your AWS investment — whether that involves adopting new AWS features that could benefit your business or updating your solution based on your usage.

What we provide?

We analyse the performance and efficiency of your AWS environment with our “ClearCloud Optimisation” tool.
We then provide a monthly review that includes recommendations regarding:

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